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Carol Ann Wilson
Carol Ann Wilson, CFDS

Carol Ann Wilson, CFDS™, is an internationally acclaimed financial presenter and counselor who specializes in money in marriage. She has counseled thousands of couples with their financial issues.

Carol Ann is the author of seven books. She's helped women and men through difficult financial times. Most couples are at a breaking point when they finally discuss money.

Carol Ann is dedicated to keeping couples together through knowing how to deal with financial issues and money.

Presentations for the Public

Financial Transitions In Your Life

  • Changing Jobs, Getting Married, Death of a Spouse, and Divorce

Couples & Money Do Mix!

  • A practical Financial Workshop for Anyone in a Relationship

Love and Money

  • Who Pays For What?
  • What Happens When a Spender Marries a Saver?
  • Whose Priorities Are More Important When You Spend?
  • What Love Language Are You?

Presentations for the Professional

Financial Transitions In Your Client's Life

  • Changing Jobs, Getting Married, Death of a Spouse, and Divorce

Tips for Working With Divorcing Clients

  • Covers costly errors financial advisors make and what they need to know when dealing with clients going through divorce.
    (This talk is geared towards CPA's, Attorneys, and Financial Professionals)

Reach Your Dreams

  • Setting, Achieving, and Surpassing Your Goals

Professional Training

  • B.A. in math and science, University of Colorado
  • Certified Financial Planner, College of Financial Planning, Denver, CO 1984
  • President and Owner, Carol Ann Wilson, LLC, a Pre-Divorce Financial Consulting firm
  • Founder of the certification of Financial Divorce Professionals
  • Expert witness in more than 120 court cases nationwide
  • Certified in Collaborative Divorce
  • Academy of Financial Divorce Practitioners.

Memberships and Associations

  • Member - Financial Planning Association, Rocky Mountain Chapter
    Associate Member - Colorado Bar Association
  • Board of Directors - International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Board of Directors and member of - Academy of Financial Divorce Practitioners


  • Written up in: Glamour, Savvy, PC Week, PC Computing, Financial Advisor, Accounting Today, Women's Enterprise, Financial Services Week, Times Advocate, LA News, Chicago Sun Times, Boulder Daily Camera, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Money Magazine, Divorce Magazine, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.
  • Published in: Trial Talk, December 1987; Colorado Lawyer, February 1988; Matrimonial Strategist, August 1988; Women Lawyers Journal, Spring 1988; Practicing Financial Planning for Professionals, 2002 - RH Publishing.
  • Co-Author - Survival Manual for Women in Divorce with Edwin Schilling III, JD, CFP®. Published 1990. Revised 1993, 1994, 2000 and 2004.
  • Co-Author - Survival Manual for Men in Divorce with Edwin Schilling III, JD, CFP®. Published 1992. Revised 1994, 1996, and 2000.
  • Co-Author - The Dollars and Sense of Divorce with Judith Briles, Ph.D. and Edwin C. Schilling III, JD, CFP®. Published 1998. Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc.
  • Co-Author - ABC's of Divorce for Women with Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP®, CDFA. Published 2003. Quantum Press
  • Author - The Financial Guide to Divorce Settlement. Irwin Professional Publishing. 1996. Revised 2000 by Marketplace Books.
  • Author - 40 Tips For Surviving Your Divorce. 2004 (Booklet)
  • Author - Survival Manual to Divorce: Your Guide to Financial Confidence & Prosperity. Published 2005.

Products Developed

  • Developed Divorce Plan™ software for professionals used in determining financial results in divorce settlements.
  • Developed DivorcePro™ software (both the Canadian and U.S. versions) to be used by divorce professionals in determining financial results in divorce settlements.
  • Developed Divorce Calc™ software for professionals used in determining financial results in divorce settlements.
  • Audio Cassette: What To Do When Goal Setting Does Not Work
    Developed the curriculum for the monthly course titled, "So, You're Getting Divorced" available in the 4-CD series


  • Chris Farrell on Sound Money (Minnesota Public Radio) interviewed Carol Ann Wilson. This broadcast was aired on more than 180 radio stations.
    The Cost of Divorce - Interview #3
    Listen to the interview.



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