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Divorce Isn't Easy, But It Can Be Fair

If you are experiencing a divorce, this is the website for you! I have many articles on divorce, finances, dividing your property, mediation and arbitration.

I have another website for Real Estate professionals who work with divorcing clients: Real Estate Divorce Specialists.

Carol Ann Wilson

My name is Carol Ann Wilson. I have been professionally trained as a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist, a Collaborative Divorce Specialist and a Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner. I am a nationally-recognized expert in divorce financial planning and have been quoted in hundreds of articles throughout the country. In addition, I work as a pre-divorce financial analyst/consultant through my consulting company, and I am an expert witness in court.
About CAW

I know, it sounds like a mouthful. But the truth is, I have a passion to help people, men and women, financially survive their divorce. We have all seen it happen, time and time again, after divorce, one spouse or another (sometimes both!) struggle to stay afloat. It is just not necessary.

After seeing it myself, all too often, I started to research it. Then I wrote some articles, some books, gave seminars and produced CD’s—all in the name of helping people financially survive their divorces.

You Are Not Alone!

Did you know that statistics show there are 1.2 million divorces in the U.S. every year? That means that every year, another 2.4 million people go through divorce! And if the average cost of divorce is $20,000 per couple. That means that Americans are spending $42 billion (yes, that’s billion) on divorce each year! Scary, isn’t it?

Now let's clarify a divorce statistic that has slanted financial information and given the American family the wrong image for years.

The 50% Divorce Rate

You might hear that half the marriages fail every year. That just is not true. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that in Boulder, CO (where I’m from) in 2004 there were 1000 weddings. And in 2004 there were 500 divorces. Well, that’s 50% right? But that doesn’t take into account the other 40,000 marriages in Boulder. So you see, the 50% is only a comparison of how many divorces compared to how many weddings in the same year. It doesn’t mean that 50% of all marriages will fail that year.

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