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Can I Do It Without a Lawyer?

When looking at the property issues in divorce, the couple always asks three questions: "What constitutes property, what is it worth, and how will it be divided?"

Have you ever had someone ask you if they have to have a lawyer to get divorced, or can they do it on their own? Well, you may want to share the following list with them.
Question: "Can I Do It Without a Lawyer?"
If permitted in your state (ask the clerk of your divorce court, a lawyer, or even a judge), you can. But you should only if each and every one of the following is true:
1. You and your husband both work and have comparable salaries.
2. You have no substantial assets -- stocks, bonds, savings, house, and so on.
3. You have no substantial debts.
4. Your marriage has been fairly short (less than ten years).
5. You have no property except a little furniture.
6. You did not work and send your husband through school after you married.
7. Neither of you has a pension plan or rights to any other income.
8. Neither of you had any significant property when you married and have not received any significant property by gift or inheritance since you were married.
9. You have no children.

Source: A Women's Legal Guide to Separation and Divorce in All 50 States by Norma Harwood, J.D