Divorce Articles Section

Mistakes Even Smart People Make

  • Signing papers without understanding what they mean.
  • Canceling or changing insurance policies without thinking through the consequences.
  • Withholding information from their lawyers because they now think what they did or said might have been a big mistake.
  • Going into denial about the process, withdrawing, or taking it too lightly.
  • Forgetting about the tax consequences of certain matters in the divorce.
  • Relying more on the advice of family and friends than on their lawyer's.
  • Not having enough life and disability insurance to protect an income stream they will depend on.
  • Waiting too long to take action to enforce child and spousal support that has stopped.
  • Not seeking the advice of psychological and financial professionals.
  • Not planning far enough ahead for health coverage after the divorce.
  • Thinking that all participants are "fair."
  • Dumping the case in the lawyer's lap and expecting good results.
  • Letting emotions run away from the facts.