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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Divorce

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Divorce
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Tens of millions of Americans endure the pain of divorce every year. No wonder it ranks #2 in life stresses. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of good people, marriages break up. Divorce is a reality - a reality repeated over one million times per year. You feel like your life has been flipped upside down and turned inside out.

Clarifying the divorce process and getting your life back on track is what The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Divorce is about. You will get:

  • Concise explanations of the divorce process in everyday language. Not legalese.
  • Examples of real people who have gone through actual divorces in a variety of scenarios.
  • Strategies for financial success for both husband and wife.
  • Answers to questions - common and not-so-common.
  • Possibilities and strategies to consider for you, your spouse your children.

About the Author

Carol Ann Wilson
Carol Ann Wilson
Divorce Finance Pioneer

Carol Ann Wilson has been on the forefront of financial divorce planning for nearly 30 years. She knows and understands that pain and suffering are an inevitable fallout of every divorce. With her savvy insight and wisdom, The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Divorce becomes your guidepost to weather the storms and detours that every divorce proceeding creates.

Carol Ann Wilson is widely recognized as the foremost expert on marital financial issues and the leader in the field of divorce financial planning. She is the Founder of the Financial Divorce Association and the author or several books including The Financial Guide to Divorce Settlement, Survival Manual to Divorce, and The Dollars and Sense of Divorce.

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Chapter 1: Overview
- From the Wife's Point of View
- From the Husband's Point of View

Chapter 2: The Legal Process

Chapter 3: Dividing the Property
- What is Property?
- Separate vs. Marital Property
- What is it Worth?
- How Are Assets Divided?
- Property Settlement Note
- Hidden Asset Checklist

Chapter 4: Dividing the House
- Tax Issues for Sale of the Family Home

Chapter 5: Dividing Retirement Plans
- Dividing Defined Contribution Plans
- Dividing Defined Benefit Plans
- Problems with QDROs
- Pitfalls in Dividing Pensions in a Divorce

Chapter 6: Alimony/Maintenance
- Tax Laws Regarding Maintenance
- Recapture of Alimony (Front-loading of Maintenance)
- Converting Property Settlement Notes into Deductible Maintenance Payments

Chapter 7: The Children
- Child Contingency

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Chapter 8: Financial Affidavit
- Beth and Todd Case Study

Chapter 9: Social Security and COBRA

Chapter 10: Debt, Credit and Bankruptcy

Chapter 11: Concerns of the Older Divorcing Person

Chapter 12: Mediation, Arbitration and Collaboration
- Mediation
- Arbitration
- Collaborative Divorce

Chapter 13: Building Your Team

Chapter 14: If You Have to Go To Court
- Negotiation
- Problems With Do-it-yourself Divorces

Chapter 15: Sample Forms

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