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Divorce Survival Kit

Do you have questions about alimony, child support and division of property? Read further to learn the answers to these questions!

By getting the Divorce Survival Kit, you will absolutely save thousands of dollars in your divorce. We guarantee it!

Research shows that in the first year after divorce,
the lower-earning spouse's standard of living decreases by 24%
while the higher-earning spouse's standard of living increases by 15%!

Do you want to be part of those statistics?

"Carol Ann, you saved my life! I wouldn't be where I am today if it had not been for you!"
-- Kris, Denver, CO

Nationally-recognized financial divorce expert reveals all the secrets that show you how to get what you deserve financially, and make sure you and your family are financially safe and sound for the future after your divorce.

"I have learned more in one hour with you, than in 6 months of meetings with my attorney!"
-- Diane, Pueblo, CO

What attorneys don't know may cost you thousands of dollars during your divorce.

The sad truth is over 1.4 million married couples head down this painful path every year! Statistics show that divorce directly affects over 4 million people - husbands, wives, children, parents, co-workers - every year! Some are taken by surprise and never fully recover.

Arm yourself with the best financial advice you can get during your divorce.

I am Carol Ann Wilson, a nationally-recognized Certified Financial Divorce Specialist. I have authored six critically acclaimed books on divorce, written hundreds of nationally published articles and have been interviewed on radio and TV more times than I can remember. I am a highly regarded expert witness in divorce cases as well. I am committed to your financial freedom and survival. Thousands of people have saved millions of dollars with my system, giving them financial independence and security after their divorce.

"Carol Ann Wilson is the leading expert on financial divorce. She literally can save you tens of thousands of dollars, during your divorce by analyzing every single detail of the finances."

This is not your attorney's job, nor his expertise. You already have enough to worry about during your divorce. You should not have to worry about your financial future too.

Be smart. Be educated. Be financially secure.


Studies show that the lower-earning spouse typically has to reduce their standard of living by as much as 24% after the divorce while the higher-earning spouse is able to increase their standard of living.

Does that seem fair? You were both in the marriage 50/50-yet one of you is having to decrease your standard of living while the other increases theirs! It is time to take control of your divorce, and your future. You must learn how to be certain that your settlement is fair.

Joyce's husband had done all the investing during their marriage. At divorce time, he said, "Let's just split everything 50/50. You take this half of the investments and I'll take that half. OK?" Joyce and her attorney thought that sounded fair so that's what they did. Joyce came to me after the divorce for financial planning. What no one had realized was that Joyce was getting the half of the investments with ALL the limited partnerships - illiquid, risky, and what's more - she owed $18,000 in taxes on phantom income!

That does not seem like half to me. Does $18,000 make a difference to you? Will it make a difference in your children's future?

Learn the Secrets of Divorce with the Divorce Survival Kit

Secret #1: How to Get a Fair Property Settlement

Do you know where all of your assets are? Do you really know?

How much are they worth? Are you sure?

What really is just yours and what really only belongs to your spouse?

Has your attorney addressed the basis in your home? Does your attorney know about the tax law for divorcing couples that helps them save money when selling a house with a high capital gain? We find that many divorce attorneys don't even know about this tax law!

How about hidden assets? Many people are very good at hiding assets from the IRS, business partners, and even spouses. You will learn the best way to uncover hidden assets. Understand how to uncover all hidden assets and to know how to evaluate them and make them yours. What's fair is fair.

Secret #2: How Much Alimony Should I Give or Receive?

The next secret is learning about Alimony - are you supposed to pay it or receive it? How can you be sure that it was assessed accurately?

If you are on the receiving end of alimony payments, how can you protect them to make sure you get what was awarded to you? Have all the marital assets been defined accurately to perfectly assess your payment? Is it going to be enough for your future? When does it start and stop? How does it affect your taxes?

If you are on the paying end of alimony you have a completely different set of concerns. You want to make absolute certain that your payments have been assessed accurately. You don't want to be the only one suffering financially in order to make ends meet for both parties.

What are the 7 factors that are used in determining alimony payments? Don't you want to know so that you can be seen in the best light? Finally, when do they start and when do they stop? How does it affect your taxes?

Secret #3: Child Support is to Protect the Children

Child Support is to protect the children, right? The thought process of many attorneys is as follows…

"Johnnie is graduating from high school in 6 years, so let's give Mom alimony for 5 years." Or they will say, "Since Johnnie is graduating in 6 years, let's give Mom alimony of $3,000 a month for 5 years and then reduce it to $2,000 a month for an extra 3 years."

This is creating a serious tax problem for Dad. If the IRS considers the reduction of $1,000 a month to be child support, they will make it retroactive from the beginning or 6 years (72 months) times $1,000 is $72,000 that he will have to pay tax recapture on!

Learn about the IRS rule that makes the difference.

That is why it is vital that you and your ex-spouse fully understand the information on the tax treatment of child support. The difference in knowing and not knowing, could pay for college. Couldn't $72,000 send your child to a good school? Or give them treatment if they were ill?

And are you familiar with the Child Contingency Rule? It's okay, neither is your attorney. Are you starting to see my point? If you have children, you only have one choice to make during your divorce, and that is to arm yourself with every single piece of knowledge that can benefit your children now, in the future and always.

Secret #4: Retirement Plans and Social Security

The fourth secret has to do with Retirement Plans. Did you know that this is the #1 place that most attorneys make errors in dealing with your divorce finances?

Here is the irony, it is also the Number One place that you have saved. The Number One place that you most likely have the most money. The Number One place that can potentially secure your future. The Number One place that has the most tax implications if not handled correctly. Are you willing to have it be the Number One area for the most errors?

Marvin's attorney told him that his ex-wife would get half his 401k which was worth $280,000. Without seeking any other advice, Marvin withdrew half his 401k ($140,000) and sent it to his ex-wife. When it came time to file his income taxes, Marvin was hit with the taxes ($35,000) and a 10% penalty ($14,000) for a total of $49,000 while his ex-wife got the full $140,000. He could have transferred the money to her tax-free if he had sought the advice of a financial professional.

Learn the secret of how to take cash from your spouse's 401k without paying the 10% penalty (another tax law that many divorce lawyers don't know!).

And then there are the Social Security Benefits. Did you know that you are entitled to receive half of your ex-spouse's Social Security - even if you have never worked? And that you can even still get healthcare benefits from your ex-spouses employer for up to 3 years after the divorce? These are things no one is telling you, but you must know. Get what is legally and rightfully yours.

Secret #5: Make More Money from your Divorce than your Attorney

And the last secret, but not least, is how to make more money from your divorce settlement than your attorney.

I know this seems a little harsh, but the reality is that many divorces cost thousands of dollars more than they need to. You can actually go through a quick and fairly painless divorce process while staying out of court. You maintain your dignity, learn your options, minimize your risk and keep your money where it belongs. You just need to know how to do it.

We have all seen people we love go through painful divorces and often come out on the short end of the stick. Don't let that happen to you and your family. You can learn nearly everything you need on how to financially survive your divorce from these 4 audio CD's. Divorce Survival Kit: How to Survive Your Divorce Financially


You will feel better immediately, knowing you have empowered yourself to take action.

Make one easy choice during this difficult time. Choose to be educated.

As a divorce professional, I have found there is NO substitute for knowledge.

This information gave me so much to think about that I hadn't even considered before. For anyone in a complicated divorce, it is very empowering. There are so many things that we just don't know… It just helped me so much."
-- Shannon B.

When you order the Divorce Survival Kit, you'll come out tens of thousands of dollars ahead and secure your future financially for you and your family.

What You Get:

The complete 4 disc audio CD set of your Divorce Survival Kit is designed to bring you inside on all the financial secrets of divorce. It is 100% guaranteed to save money during your divorce and make sure you and your family are financially secure for the future -- guaranteed.

Divorce Survival Kit

Because I am so committed to your financial survival, I have arranged for a few additional bonuses!


Super Bonus #1 - Transcript of the entire Divorce Survival Kit
Now you can follow along while listening to the audio CDs. This makes it easy for you to understand some of the more complicated issues. Don't worry. Some divorce attorneys don't understand these issues, either. This is a must read for anyone going through a divorce.

Super Bonus #2 - One of Carol Ann's most popular books on divorce
You will be asked to choose one at checkout.

Survival Manual for Women in Divorce
$18.00 value

Survival Manual for Men in Divorce
$18.00 value

Super Bonus #3 - Forms and Checklist
Get the forms for filling out your Financial Affidavit with income, expenses, and debts. Get the form for listing your property and how to divide it. Follow the instructions on the audio CDs on how to fill out these forms. Get the Checklist of Information to Gather for Your Attorney.

Super Bonus #4 - Exclusive 7 Page Report
"How to Help Older Divorcing Women Avoid the Bag Lady Blues" by Carol Ann Wilson, as re-printed from the Journal of Financial Planning.

Super Bonus #5 - 23 Baker's Dozen Lists
(Excerpted from Dollars and Sense of Divorce by Judith Briles, PhD, Edwin Schilling, JD, and Carol Ann Wilson, CFDP)

  1. 13 Movies to Rent, Watch, and Learn From
  2. 13 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
  3. 13 Ways to Survive Your Divorce
  4. 13 Questions to Ask a Therapist
  5. 13 Ways to Be a Super Sleuther
  6. 13 Mistakes Even Smart People Make in Divorce
  7. 13 Tips on Building an Advisory Team
  8. 13 Questions to Ask Your Attorney
  9. 13 Most Common Mistakes Attorneys Make
  10. 13 Requirements for Mediation or Arbitration to Work
  11. 13 Dos for the Courtroom
  12. 13 Don'ts for the Courtroom
  13. 13 Emotional Facts of Divorce
  14. 13 Things Never to Say to Your Soon-to-Be-Ex
  15. 13 Property Nuggets
  16. 13 Important Things to Know About Dividing Pensions in Divorce
  17. 13 Things to Know About Money and Divorce
  18. 13 Things the Noncustodial Parent Can Do to Stay in Touch With the Kidds
  19. 13 Thoughts From the Custodial Trenches
  20. 13 Things to Know About Enforcing Orders
  21. 13 Questions to Ask Before You Leave Your Lawyer
  22. 13 Topics for a Prenuptial Agreement
  23. 13 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

These lists alone are worth the price of the Divorce Survival Kit!


Money- Back Guarantee

There is absolutely NO RISK on your part. I know this information will help to secure your financial future after your divorce. If for any reason you have not learned at least one valuable financial tip, or are not completely satisfied in any way, just return it and I will refund your money. And even if you decide to return the CD's please keep the bonus gifts to help guide you and as a way for me to say good luck.

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. If you are getting a divorce, or know of someone that is, you will only lose by waiting. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. That is less than a half an hour of time from your attorney, and they don't know most of this information. Please, don't wait, we will sell out of these valuable audio CD's!

Let me tell you about a recent case I worked on. My client, the wife, was getting divorced from an account executive who earned $500,000 per year according to the documents that were provided to us. Just before going to court, I found an additional $100,000 of additional income per year. We were expecting the judge to award alimony to her in the amount of $6,500 per month. With this new disclosed income, the judge awarded her $9,500 per month! The client was delighted!"

OK, So How Much?

Let me ask you a question: "Can you put a price tag on your financial future?"

You can get the complete Divorce Survival Kit for the introductory price of only $ 97.00.

This is LESS THAN ONE HALF HOUR with your attorney!


Isn't saving thousands of dollars worth the price of less than one half hour with your attorney?

This is an amazing value! With the inside edge this information will give you, you will make this cost back MANY TIMES in your divorce.

Are you ready to invest in your future?

"Carol Ann Wilson has changed divorce law in Colorado… in the financial issues of divorce."

-- Colorado Divorce Attorney


Carol Ann Wilson, Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

P.S. Don't wait. Any financial mistake during your divorce will cost you thousands of dollars in the future.

P.P.S. Remember, there is NO RISK to you! See our Money Back Guarantee. What do you have to lose?